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Traditional Chinese Food to Takewaway

We take great care in making sure the food we cook is always from the finest ingredients. Taking pride in sourcing our ingredients is something we believe in, they're always from quality suppliers so you know you will be tasting the freshest food, prepared and cooked by our talented chefs.

Our open kitchen allows you to see that our dishes are prepared with all the passion and expertise of Oriental tradition. When you come to collect your takeaway you will be able to see our skilful chefs work their magic turning quality ingredients in to beautiful dishes. You know you will be going home with freshly prepared, authentic Chinese cuisine.

Please take a look at our varied, delicious and freshly prepared menu. It includes everything from sticky sweet and sour, to authentic duck pancakes and fragrant curry dishes.

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" The food was fresh, properly prepared and a great value for the price. We highly recommend it."

- Jessica W